Length of course: 2 days

Suitable for: Independent dealerships; Small businesses; Car supermarkets.

Level: Business Owners; Senior Managers.

Focus: Leadership skills

Great leadership begins by building trust and rapport with your people. Our forward thinking and jargon free courses are aimed at management and business owners who would like to create a strong, unified team.

Understand individual personalities in your team and what motivates them, allowing you to inspire and lead them into successful sales.

We focus on your core management skills –

  • Identifying your leadership qualities and strengthening them
  • Setting business goals
  • Reaching your goals ahead of schedule
  • Making clear and strong business decisions
  • Improving relationships with staff, customers and suppliers

This course uses DiSC profiling support.

You will leave the course knowing –

  • How to identify and lead different personality types
  • How to inspire your people
  • How to manage teams
  • How to set achievable personal targets
  • How to set and reach business objectives

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.

Bill Bradley