Suitable for: All areas of the automotive industry

Level: All levels

Focus: Coaching

Even top performing athletes have a coach to provide support, boost morale and revitalise techniques. Why shouldn’t you?

Delivering 1 on 1 coaching, our material is designed to build on and expand skills learnt in the other courses. We look at ways you can refresh skills and take them to the next level. We don’t just provide motivation, we set you goals and challenge you to beat them.

As a coach, we aim to challenge limiting beliefs held by your team and remove negative ideas. We are here to help you –

  • Unlock the potential of your team
  • Coach sales teams to achieve more sales
  • Motivate sales teams and keep morale high

Our coaching is delivered at 3 levels –

Level 1 – Sales coaching

Level 2 – Small business coaching

Level 3 – Executive coaching for senior managers

We also deliver coaching directly to your sales team, demonstrating techniques and providing instant feedback. We help you to delve into the existing talent. Your people already have the knowledge they need to perform, now it’s time to bring that to the surface.

You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within

Bob Nelson