Length of course: 2 days

Suitable for: Independent Dealerships, Car Supermarkets, Small Groups

Level: Sales Managers

Focus: Management skills

Designed specifically for Sales Managers, this course aims to help you form a cohesive and effective team. Whether you are new to people management or looking for different ways to boost and improve team performance and generate sales, our course can help develop and refresh your skills.

As a key component of effective sales management, we also consider the metrics involved in analysing performance, identifying weak areas and considering fast and effective methods to make improvements.

We work with you to –

  • Strengthen your people skills
  • Identify and develop skills of your individual team members
  • Understand how to adapt your approach to suit different personalities
  • Set objectives and targets for teams and individuals
  • Deliver effective feedback
  • Manage appraisals
  • Handle difficult staff conversations
  • Clearly communicate expectations 

The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!

Martin Phillips