For those who deliver service, FirstImpressions is a 20-hour interactive course that develops service knowledge and skills and generates service improvement ideas that contribute to excellent customer service delivery.


  • Includes work based assignments to deliver service improvement plans for your organisation
  • Content based on latest customer service research and practice
  • Delivery is quality assured to national standards by the Institute
  • On-site training; flexible delivery times
  • Course delivery can be customised to meet employers’ needs


  • Develops customer-focused behaviours, skills and competence based on best practice
  • Motivates individuals and teams to understand and exceed customers’ expectations
  • Independent recognition of individuals’ professionalism
  • Increases confidence and job satisfaction
  • Keeps organisations and individuals at the cutting edge of customer service professionalism
  • Helps build and develop a consistent customer service culture across the organisation
  • Option for course delegates to benefit from continuous professional development through the individual membership of the Institute

Learning outcomes

The course will help delegates develop a sound foundation in:

  • Fully appreciating their role as a customer service professional
  • Knowing what excellent customer service is and how to deliver it in their role within their organisation
  • Developing a service reputation through trusted customer relationships
  • Communicating effectively in the delivery of their customer service
  • Demonstrating how Emotional Intelligence plays a key part in their role as a customerservice professional
  • Feeling confident in using appropriate behaviour when dealing with challenging customer interactions
  • Recognising the skills, attitudes and behaviours that create a winning team in the delivery of excellent customer service.

Course structure

FirstImpressions involves pre course preparation and completion of the training workbook before identifying a Service Improvement Opportunity from the delegate’s organisation. The Service Improvement Opportunity must then be written up and a solution plan prepared. It is designed to be delivered as a two day group training course, with additional time provided allowed to complete the Service Improvement Opportunity (total time for the course is 20 hours). The workbook supports the training sessions and consists of four modules:

  1. Developing the mindset of a customer service professional
  2. Communicating effectively
  3. Dealing with challenging customer interactions
  4. Delivering service excellence through teamwork