What customers expect from a test drive

Guest Blog Post by Wes Young, Digital Marketing Executive, www.TrustedCarBuyers.com

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make, before buying a house potentially, so understandably your customer is going to want peace of mind not just when looking at the vehicle, but test-driving too.

It is important to get into the mindset of the customer who’s looking to buy a vehicle. Trusted Car Buyers have compiled a checklist of what a potential buyer expects out of their test-drive.


Before taking someone out on a test drive, whether at a dealership or privately, you should make sure the vehicle is insured.

Dealerships will usually have the necessary cover in place. But, if you’re selling a car privately, and letting a stranger in for a test-drive, make sure you check they’ve got an insurance policy that includes Driving Other Cars cover.


Next most important thing is letting your driver take their time. You should never make them feel rushed and unnerved as this may lead them to make poor decisions or cause potential accidents.

Again, remember buying a car is quite a big decision for any customer to make. So, ideally, you should allow at least half an hour for a test drive.

In that time, it’s worth suggesting a planned route, directing them in such a way that they’ll be able to experiment the vehicle’s handling on a variety of different roads and at varying speeds. This is especially important if the driver is less familiar with area, making sure they don’t get lost.

Your route should ideally have very little traffic. Also, be prepared to alter your trip depending on the time of day too. For example, you don’t want to be running by a school around 3pm.


Whether it’s before or after giving the car a run, you’ll find the driver will want to check all the electrics works.

From the headlights to stereo, windscreen wipers to wing mirrors, make sure your vehicle is up-to-scratch as most savvy buyers will want to give them a go.

As far as driving is concerned, they may also be checking for things like:

  • Any excessive smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust
  • Fully functioning, responsive brakes
  • Rattling or bumpy suspension
  • Vibration or pull in the car’s steering
  • Gears or clutch crunching


Prior to a test-drive, if you are concerned about the condition of any of the vehicle’s mechanics, you should consider taking it to a trusted mechanic’s garage for a once over.

Armed with the knowledge of what your buyer is going to be checking can help you prepare for any such scenario in which they might question your car’s condition. The early bird catches the worm, remember.

Be Yourself

Finally, alongside the documentation, mechanics and forethought that go into the test-driving of a car, just relax and be yourself.

Start a good rapport with them, be their friend, smile and offer them running advice they’ll appreciate. You want the customer on your side.

If you sell yourself with the car, half the battle is won. Once you pass the test-drive, you know they like the vehicle and they get on with you, it’s then easier to negotiate a price that will please both them and you.

Guest Blog Post by Wes Young, Digital Marketing Executive, www.TrustedCarBuyers.com

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