Our Approach to Learning

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

We believe learning should be fun, interactive and adaptable. Our training is designed to engage your staff and draw out the potential inside of them.

We do not believe that anyone learns best when subjected to ‘death by PowerPoint’. Our training does not involve enforcing a single method onto your team, but in helping you find the right approach to suit your business and your customers.

There will be fun. There will be games. We might even throw in some role play. Everything we do is designed to draw your staff out of their comfortable routines and challenge them to take a fresh new look at their work methods and techniques.

Treating Customers Fairly

Utilising a similar framework to the Treating Customer’s Fairly (TCF) initiative that was introduced into the financial industry in recent years, we focus on setting expectations within the automobile industry that puts the well-being of customers at the front of the business model.

TCF was introduced in part to build trust in the financial industry during the time of economic hardship, and in view of the poor reputation the industry as a whole had gained.

We believe that similar principles can be applied to the automobile industry. Building trust with your customers will boost your sales and enable your business to exceed. We want to help you achieve your goals. 

Regulatory Knowledge

Until now the automobile industry has escaped a large part of the recent regulatory culture. We believe that this is beginning to change, as the spotlight falls on best practices and open and transparent communications with customers.

With the introduction of GAP insurance and with customers becoming more financially aware, the focus is now on financial products, warranties and insurance offered by the automobile industry.

With our in depth experience of working within the strict and comprehensive requirements of the financial industry, we are able to provide a simple and proactive guide to preparing your staff to understand and apply the appropriate regulations.

Why wait till you have to act? Prepare now and provide your customers with the reassurance of knowing you care about protecting their financial welfare too. 

Everything DiSC

How do you respond to conflict in the workplace?

What motivates you?

Is your staff member a team player?

Understanding how your people think and recognising behavioural differences will help you to

  • Improve communications in the workplace
  • Mould your team into a cohesive unit
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve people management
  • Select the right staff for your team
  • Increase sales effectiveness

Understanding different behavioural types helps your team to develop their customer service and sales skills.

Better self-awareness helps your staff respond effectively to customers.

Knowing your staff disposition enables you to manage and inspire them to succeed.

DiSC is a psychometric assessment tool which provides a behavioural profile for individuals in your team.  Used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and diverse organisations, DiSC is simple, straightforward and comprehensive.

The profiling test is easily and quickly completed online with the answers generating a comprehensive, individualised profile report. Our authorised DiSC partner, Academy of High Achievers Ltd, will provide individuals with a deep insight and relevance to current issues in the workplace.

Drive Development uses DiSC profiling within a number of our courses. For more information about DiSC or to review sample profiles please visit the website for the Academy of High Achievers at www.aha-disc.co.uk

Where does our training take place?

A key component we offer is flexible and adaptable courses to suit your needs. After all, identifying the customer’s needs is one of the key elements of our courses.

We understand that local dealerships and small businesses cannot send staff off site for 5 day stays in luxury hotels, set deep in the heart of the countryside – although if that’s what you want, we can make it happen.

Instead we bring our courses to a site near you – or even on site if you have the available space. Call us to discuss the right solution for you.