Client: Carzone
Training Provided: Customer Service

About Carzone: is the #1 online motoring portal for buying and selling used cars in the Republic of Ireland. The portal operates via multiple online platforms including a desktop website and various mobile solutions including Apple and Android applications.

Via Carzone’s daily interactions with the entire landscape of trusted professional motor dealers and leading motoring manufacturer brands, they provide tools and content that enable Irish consumers to confidently research the second largest purchase they are ever likely to make – a car. This activity culminates in just under 1 Million serious buyers and sellers coming together on the platform on a monthly basis. During the second half of 2013 alone, over 60 million searches for used cars were carried out on 


  • Driving the ultimate customer experience
  • ‘FirstImpressions’ training, accredited by The Institute of Customer Service
  • Over half the Carzone team trained
  • Certified customer service course
  • Automotive industry focussed course, tailored for Carzone


Carzone’s values are essential to their continued success, the key being to ‘drive the ultimate customer experience’. Ensuring that all team members keep the customer at the front of their minds means that they focus on how they communicate with customers and how important this is in Carzone’s strategy, ensures the team is working together to achieve this goal.

Being leaders in the automotive industry, they were looking for a trainer who understood them as a client and also the industry, so the team could be advised how to quickly apply the skills in their day-to-day roles. When considering the day-to-day application of customer service, Carzone were hoping to identify and assess any weak areas and put plans in place to improve them, whilst continuing to work on their strengths.

The training and development of the Carzone team meant that their clients would receive an even better level of care leading to increased business, and also that Carzone were investing in their team’s skills, improving staff retention.

We’re committed to investing in Carzone’s key value of ‘driving the ultimate customer experience’, by ensuring all our team provide excellent customer service.

Eoin Lally,
Customer Operations Manager

Driving Performance: Carzone selected the team at Drive Development to create a 20 hour training package specifically for Carzone to help over 50% of their team to achieve their ‘FirstImpressions’ accreditation, certified by The Institute of Customer Service.

As an accredited Business Partner of the Institute of Customer Service, Drive Development’s James Hudson, a Fellow of Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), took the Carzone team through the First Impressions training course to improve their Customer Service skills. All the team members successfully completed the course, which was recognised by The Institute of Customer Service and received a certificate.

The modular based course focussed on:

  • Customer Service – analysing the team’s personal experience of good and bad customer service.
  • Communication Skills – using communication effectively, varied methods of communication and best practise.
  • Understanding emotional needs – covering empathy and emotional states of customers.
  • Team Work – how to work best as a team to consistently deliver Carzone’s values.
  • Service improvement opportunities – ideas and recommendations developed and shared.

When looking for Customer Service training Drive Development’s knowledge of the automotive industry made them the perfect supplier.

Karen Facey,
HR Manager

It is important that the automotive sector appreciates the need to invest in improving customer service skills. All our research shows that this has a positive impact on business performance.

The Institute of Customer Service

Driving Results:

Training was provided across all departments to ensure no matter who the customer encountered, they would receive the same excellent level of customer service. The mixture of skills and business areas, allowed the team to exchange ideas for improving service levels and suggest to the management team what changes could be made.

The entire team came away with a better understanding of Carzone’s values and why they are key to the business’ success. The training and accreditation also gave Carzone the opportunity to give something back to their team, investing in their development and skillset. The company appreciates that their team is essential to the business, looking to promote staff from within and invest to ensure they retain their team. This is proven to work as the majority of their staff have been with the company for more than 5 years.

Since the training Carzone management has seen their employees work better together, with team goals and objectives. This includes even the previously quieter members finding their voice.

Key Benefits:

  • Application of skills to improve day-to-day customer communications
  • Developing the more introverted employees’ confidence
  • Team building, with common goals
  • Staff development and recognition, improving staff retention
  • Suggestions for business improvements across all departments

We know how important our team is to our business success. Investing in their development and improving our business at the same time was an ideal opportunity for us.

Warren Cray,
General Manager

We have already seen a positive change in our team’s communication since Drive Development’s customer service training.

Eoin Lally,
Customer Operations Manager